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Jump right on in, don't be shy! An explanation as to what this place is about is down below. You best follow instructions, if not... mwa-ha-ha...

What dis Things People Say Wiki about?Edit

This is a Wiki designed to hold phrases, stories, experiences, or anything that just makes you Laugh Out Loud (not using the abbreviation, that thing is dead). I guess you could consider it a historical archive for stupid stuff. Make sure to leave a statement explaining why you found the scenario or object of interest humorous, and check the grammar of said statement for significant errors: if you are posting a funny quote or failure of English, post as-is. A little background would be nice, too.

Take from this what you will!

Pleasant Poetry which sums up this place better than I ever could: Edit

The things people say 
If you listen quite close 
Just meaningless chatter 
Blather and bluff 

Their words do have meaning 
But hardly convey 
Any real thought 
Bubbling inside their heads 

Their spouts are wide open 
Never shut off 
So any loose comment 
Can come pouring out 

So come pouring out 
They do and they shall 
Just a smidge of restraint 
Could shut off the valve 

While some people babble 
Others clam up 
Those are the ones 
I like the most 

They listen and reflect 
Upon all they've heard 
Then a clever return 
Sails out of their port 

Thought out quite well 
Delivered with skill 
A joy to behold 
Such beautiful words 

So how goes your discourse? 
How do you talk? 
Babbling whirlwind? 
Or poised and thought out?

Special Thanks to Kolpik for this masterpiece.

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